The show of the future is coming!

Amazingly fast and agile racing drones!Unbelievable LED racing arenas!Millions of dollars in prizes!

The world’s first drones racing in Augmented Reality technology using BLOCKCHAIN. Specially prepared racing drones will transmit digital images from cameras installed on drone in real time as streaming video to watch competition with ebb hits on the Internet e-sport at 100 km/h with imposed virtual obstacles in order to obtain more points and sponsors’ advertisements.

Our racing drones!

0-100 km/h in 1.3 second

Our closed LED tracks

...so you can watch it safely up close!

Image module


App to watch drone racing in 3D!

Thanks to a special app you will be able to fully experience drone racing in 3D and freely choose most interesting perspective to watch the race.


Live streaming from drone cameras!

Do you wanna feel as if you were a pilot on board one of the actual drones? No problem at all! Thanks to live video streaming from the drone front facing camera you can experience the stunning speed and precise maneuvers in first person view.


Live online ranking system - F1 style!

Like in every sport or e-sport – it is all about competition and in the end of the day the only thing that matters is who came first. Thanks to our live online ranking system you will be able to follow the results in real time!

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